2nd floor house - Refinishing wood floors yourself.

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Bamboo flooring cost. Engineered wood flooring brands

Bamboo Flooring Cost

bamboo flooring cost

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bamboo flooring cost - Best Price

Best Price Low Cost Good Quality - 6.5ft. Long Folding Japanese Style Tatami Mat - 79" x 35.4"

Best Price Low Cost Good Quality - 6.5ft. Long Folding Japanese Style Tatami Mat - 79" x 35.4"

At only a quarter of an inch thick, our unique 2 meter long fold up design tatami style floor mats provide a remarkably versatile decorative accessory, great for home or at play. Light enough to fold up and take with you in it's convenient tote bag (as shown), and durable enough to use on the floor for a decorative rug or yoga mat. Note however that these mats should not be used where they will get wet or get scuffed from dirty shoes. All tatami mat products are designed to be used in stocking feet. Note we sell a variety of 1/2 and full sized 1.25" thick classic Japanese tatami mat flooring platforms, as well as 72" long Goza mat rugs crafted from rush grass, on Amazon.com. Browse our entire selection of natural fiber furnishings & decor, crafted from bamboo, rush grass, banana leaf, and water hyacinth, including; window treatments, room dividers, furniture, craft lantern lighting, area rugs, and more, on Amazon.com. We also offer the webs largest selections of Japanese & Chinese furniture, lamps, floor screens, decorative porcelain, rosewood & lacquer cabinets and tables, as well as extraordinary & unique gifts, on Amazon.com

76% (18)

Laying floorboards from a bamboo bathmat

Laying floorboards from a bamboo bathmat

I wanted the look of polished boards for the floor. I found a plain flat 5/8" wide wood moulding at a builders supplier, and worked it out to about $100 to cover the floor, plus the cost of stain and varnish.

While I was thinking about all that work and expense, I came across these el cheapo bamboo bathmats, with slats exactly the right size for floor boards. Already stained and varnished too! :o)

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Lots of the floors upstairs are being redone in bamboo. There's a lot left.

bamboo flooring cost

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