2nd floor house - Refinishing wood floors yourself.

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Interlocking Foam Floor - Epoxy Floor Concrete.

Interlocking Foam Floor

interlocking foam floor

  • (of two or more things) Engage with each other by overlapping or by the fitting together of projections and recesses

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running with a towel baton

running with a towel baton

Part of the exercises during the class was to race along the Dojo floor and back to the Sensei before your partner got there.

The mixed three and four year old class was reasonably close-matched. This is the new site for the Camarillo Shotokan Karate Do Center. It has windows along one wall, mirrors opposite, a rollup garage door on the far end and a separate viewing area for the parents. The floor is comprised of square interlocking foam panels with faux wood grain design.

Dome Interior Bay

Dome Interior Bay

I built a couple of shelves for the observatory computer, power supplies, and misc junk. Eventually, I'll cover the white areas with the same black PVC I put on the interior walls. I used some interlocking closed cell foam squares (SoftTiles) for the the floor. They are easy on my knees when viewing near zenith and can be moved to hide cables underneath. Their blue color turns black under the observatories red internal lighting. I have got to paint that Sonotube.

interlocking foam floor

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